KAD-2000M Speed Door (Accommodation Use)

KAD-2000M is a derivative of basic type KAD speed door (KAD-2000) and specially designed to be fit for accommodation use such as hotels, motels and inns. With the installation of LED, KAD-2000M can help to promote and differentiate from other motels. The sheet of the KAD-2000M can also have logo and letter, which advertises their accommodation as well. By installing KAD-2000M, you can have remodeling effect on your building without paying much money. In addition, fast opening and closing speed of the speed door keeps the privacy of guests efficiently.


  • Obvious remodeling effects and image building of motel can be achieved just by installing automatic door with the beautiful appearance.
  • Unlike parking shutter which sweeps the top of cars and cause scratches when the cars pass. The parking automatic door will not touch a car ever to prevent car damage.
  • Prevention of car accident : The front vision is wide while going in and out for preventing accident. A lamp can reflect the opposite situation for preventing crash between 2 cars.
  • Protection of customer’s privacy : To protect customer’s privacy by a vehicle detection sensor which can let a car pass fast and block foreign matters completely.


  • Hypoid geared motor

    • Manufacturer : Sumitomo
    • Country : JAPAN
    • Insulation clas : B CLASS
    • Features : : Low noise and high-efficiency motor / ultra light size, high efficiency is achieved due to less sliding compared with worm
  • Siemens motor

    • Manufacturer : SIEMENS
    • Manufacturing company : Germany
    • Worm decelerator applied
    • Providing various sizes and capacities
    • Low-noise and low-vibration
  • Manual chain motor

    • Manufacturer : BLUETEM
    • Manufacturing country : Korea
    • Worm decelerator applied
    • Available of emergency opening and closing
  • Controller (BAC-2200)

    • Controller for industrial automatic door
    • Available of variable inverter speed control
    • Applying Europe CE, reliable high functional controller
    • Maximizing electric power reduction effect, cost reduction by using single-phase power and easy installation
    • Using waterproof case
  • Controller (BAC-2500)

    • Controller for industrial automatic door(Korean available)
    • Upgraded case design
    • Available of variable inverter speed control
    • Reliable high functional controller
    • Maximizing electric power reduction effect, cost reduction by using single-phase power and easy installation
  • Sheet

    • Material : Poly belt
    • Structure : double weaving / flame retardant and UV coating
    • Thickness : 1T, 2T(invisible screen 3T)
    • Colors : Blue, orange, gray (Other colors and special specifications can be ordered)

  • Frame

    • It is made of high-strength AL dual-press molding material with a graceful appearance. It is semi-permanent with excellent durability even in corrosive, humid environment or under strong impact.
  • Infrared safety sensor (Photo Sensor)

    • Sunlight 50,000 Lux
    • Internal micro processor
    • Photo sensors are install on right and left to detect a person or other objects to keep the automatic door opening.
  • Wind Bar

    • Easy replacement with different sheet colors and materials for each stage by fastening the wind bar between sheets
    • High strength wind bar rigidly holds against strong wind or impact.

Product Specification

Division Specification Remarks
DOOR SIZE Minimum (WxH)1mx1m, maximum (WxH)6.5mx7m -
Maximum opening/closing speed 1.0m⁄sec~3m⁄sec -
Temperature range -15°C~+70°CC -
Numbers of operating guarantee 2,000,000~5,000,000 or more -
Noise 15~20dB -
MOTOR power 3-phase, 220V, 0.4~1.5KW, 60HZ(optional) -
Control power Single phase AC220V, 60HZ -