Greeting from CEO

Thank you for visiting KAD (Korea Auto Door).
Established in Korea, KAD has led global door industry and created value for our customers and society.

Based on the technology of elevator control system, KAD was founded in 1990. Since then, it has popularized industrial doors such as speed doors, overhead doors and electronic shutters in Korea market. KAD has also made a constant effort to develop sophisticated technology and provided differentiated service to its customers. With its wide sales experience in various industrial fields such as food industry, pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing, distribution center, commercial facility and etc, KAD has proved the safety, robustness and performance of its products for a long time.

In the early 2010s, starting from countries in south eastern Asia such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, KAD has established overseas branches in order to extend its business abroad. By doing so, KAD was able to provide its high quality products and service to the customers in south eastern Asia. In these days, KAD also provides its products to the customers in other nations such as Japan, China, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Uzbekistan through local agents. The products of KAD are highly recognized for its cutting edge technology, intelligent design, and reliability based on the people-oriented philosophy in global industrial door market.

KAD promises its customers to continuously develop innovative products and provide differentiated service. In addition, KAD will try its best in order to be the respected company in the society. Thank you very much for your support and interest.

Management Philosophy

Potential of passion

  • We do not settle for the present.
    We open our opportunities with passion and challenge spirit not afraid to fail.
  • We do not stop communication with our customers for customer safety, convenience and happiness.
  • We creates a new value with endless spirit of inquiring the best quality, and realizes reative future.