KAD-2000 Speed Door
(Basic Model)

As a basic type of KAD speed door series, KAD-2000 is designed to be faithful to the fundamental role of the general speed door. The door opens and closes rapidly with an encoder and a reliable control system. Therefore, It is highly efficient in protecting wind, noise and fine dust. It is also beneficial to save the energy by maintaining the temperature constantly. It can be installed both indoor and outdoor where trucks, forklift, and deck trucks frequently go in and out. Its body, which is mechanic part of the door, is designed to be strong against collision. Its control system, which is electric part of the door, makes door operation safe and reliable with fault-tolerant mechanism. It addition, KAD-2000 has aesthetic appearance with rounded aluminum pillar and drum.


  • Aesthetic exterior, robust body and reliable control system.
  • Aluminum body to prevent corrosion (Coated to increase anti-corrosion ability).
  • Hinge-shaped windbars to enable sheet replacement easy and lower the maintenance cost.
  • Strong wind protection due to specially designed windbars.
  • Efficient noise prevention and high insulation ability.
  • Suitable for food factories and others where GMP & CGMP are essential.
  • Mesh sheet to prevent insects.
  • Perfect sealing and noise reduction with brushed pillar.


  • Hypoid geared motor

    • Manufacturer : Sumitomo
    • Country : JAPAN
    • Insulation clas : B CLASS
    • Features : : Low noise and high-efficiency motor / ultra light size, high efficiency is achieved due to less sliding compared with worm
  • Siemens motor

    • Manufacturer : SIEMENS
    • Manufacturing company : Germany
    • Worm decelerator applied
    • Providing various sizes and capacities
    • Low-noise and low-vibration
  • Manual chain motor

    • Manufacturer : BLUETEM
    • Manufacturing country : Korea
    • Worm decelerator applied
    • Available of emergency opening and closing
  • Controller (BAC-2200)

    • Controller for industrial automatic door
    • Available of variable inverter speed control
    • Applying Europe CE, reliable high functional controller
    • Maximizing electric power reduction effect, cost reduction by using single-phase power and easy installation
    • Using waterproof case
  • Controller (BAC-2500)

    • Controller for industrial automatic door(Korean available)
    • Upgraded case design
    • Available of variable inverter speed control
    • Reliable high functional controller
    • Maximizing electric power reduction effect, cost reduction by using single-phase power and easy installation
  • Sheet

    • Material : Poly belt
    • Structure : double weaving / flame retardant and UV coating
    • Thickness : 1T, 2T(invisible screen 3T)
    • Colors : Blue, orange, gray (Other colors and special specifications can be ordered)

  • Frame

    • It is made of high-strength AL dual-press molding material with a graceful appearance. It is semi-permanent with excellent durability even in corrosive, humid environment or under strong impact.
  • Infrared safety sensor (Photo Sensor)

    • Sunlight 50,000 Lux
    • Internal micro processor
    • Photo sensors are install on right and left to detect a person or other objects to keep the automatic door opening.
  • Wind Bar

    • Easy replacement with different sheet colors and materials for each stage by fastening the wind bar between sheets
    • High strength wind bar rigidly holds against strong wind or impact.

Product Specification

Division Specification Remarks
DOOR SIZE Minimum (WxH)1mx1m, maximum (WxH)6mx6m -
Maximum opening/closing speed 1.0m⁄sec~1.5m⁄sec -
Temperature range -15°C~+70°C -
Numbers of operating guarantee 2,000,000~5,000,000 or more -
Noise 15~20dB -
MOTOR power 3-phase, 220V, 0.4~1.5KW, 60HZ(optional) -
Control power Single phase AC220V, 50~60HZ -