Speed Door KAD-2000S(Slim)

KAD-2000S is motor-embedded slim-type product making better use of a space by minimizing a part exposed to the outside, and securing low noise and high speed. The built-in speed door completely protecting a motor from dust and motor is a product especially optimized to a clean area (food factory, medicines, cosmetics, etc.) where driving stability and maintaining clean environment are necessary, as well as general site.


  • Motor embedding design : a motor is embedded to maximize use of left and right spaces, and is protected from the outer environment such as dust and water.
  • Adapting hinge-shaped wind bar : a hinge-structured wind bar is used in order to endure wind, reduce noise, and enable easy maintenance by replacing each stage when a sheet is damaged.
  • A mothproof sheet is used in summer season in order to block insects and rodents and enable ventilation.
  • A sealed structure is maintained by using a special door brush blocking dust or insect from the outside.

Component part

  • Cyclo decelerator

    • Cyclo reducer is light and compact, and makes less noise. The light-weight compact reducer having constant-velocity internal gear combined makes less noise by performing high precision of grinding of load transferring part.
    • Cyclo reducer is strong, has long service life, high efficiency, and is economical. The contact ratio is tow to three times higher than that of involute by applying epitrochoid. The reducer is strong without damages and has high reliability by using chrome bearing steel. A single stage type and a two stage type are economical by obtaining high efficiency of 95% or 85% or more respectively.
    • Model variation: outdoor type, increased safety type, explosion-proof type, dustproof type, inverter-purpose, brake attached type, foreign specification-applied type, specific voltage, ceiling and wall mounting part, low. high temperature specification, etc. The cyclo reducer has less types of parts, and thus can be easily handled.
  • Sumitomo Altax Motor

    • Cycloid reducer applied
    • High efficiency, low noise, long service life
    • Insulation level : B CLASS
    • Light weight and compact size

  • Controller (BAC-2200)

    • Controller for industrial automatic door
    • Available of variable inverter speed control
    • Applying Europe CE, reliable high functional controller
    • Maximizing electric power reduction effect, cost reduction by using single-phase power and easy installation
    • Using waterproof case
  • Controller (BAC-2500)

    • Controller for industrial automatic door(Korean available)
    • Upgraded case design
    • Available of variable inverter speed control
    • Reliable high functional controller
    • Maximizing electric power reduction effect, cost reduction by using single-phase power and easy installation
  • Frame

    • It is made of high-strength AL dual-press molding material with a graceful appearance. It is semi-permanent with excellent durability even in corrosive, humid environment or under strong impact.
  • Infrared safety sensor (Photo Sensor)

    • Sunlight 50,000 Lux
    • Internal micro processor
    • Photo sensors are install on right and left to detect a person or other objects to keep the automatic door opening.
  • Sheet

    • Material : Poly belt
    • Structure : double weaving / flame retardant and UV coating
    • Thickness : 1T, 2T(invisible screen 3T)
    • Colors : Blue, orange, gray (Other colors and special specifications can be ordered)

Product Specification

Division Specification Remarks
DOOR SIZE Minimum (WxH)1mx1m, maximum (WxH)4mx4m -
Maximum opening/closing speed 0.5m⁄sec~1.5m⁄sec -
Temperature range -15°C~+70°C -
Numbers of operating guarantee 2,000,000~5,000,000 or more -
Noise 15~20dB -
MOTOR power 3-phase, 220V, 0.4~1.5KW, 60HZ(optional) -
Control power Single phase AC220V, 60HZ -