Ideal talent for KAD

  • Talent with enthusiasm
    and a sense of responsibility

    Talent with the sense of
    responsibility who tries to
    complete the assigned task, and the attitude to engage impassionedly.

  • Challenging

    Talent who tries to pursue
    change and challenge the
    future without hesitating to challenge new possibilities with a flexible thinking,
    broad perspective and

  • Customer-centered

    Talent who realizes the
    corporate culture and
    attitude of customer
    satisfaction by putting
    customers to the center of all values ​​until they are

  • Talented people
    who communicate and collaborate

    Talents who shares
    and create synergy effects
    through communication
    and cooperation by demonstrating dynamic and
    communication skill.

  • Talent with
    professional competency

    Talent who learns expertise through endless
    self-development and
    passion for task,
    and pursue achievements
    in their fields.


KAD Korea Auto Door has provided various welfare programs by continuously strengthening and maintaining the growth and stability of the company so that all employees can live a better and happier life.

  • Health promotion support

    the regular comprehensive health checkup

  • Company events

    Opening ceremony, closing ceremony, employee awards ceremony, regular workshops, climbing contest, athletic competitions, Year end family night event

  • Vacation system

    Summer vacation, annual leave and early leave, maternity leave, Childcare leave, Paternity leave

  • Life amenity support

    Dormitory operation, night transportation expenses, fuel expenses support (different by job)

  • Award

    Long Term Employee Award, Excellent Employee Award

  • Education / training

    New employee training (OJT), job competency improvement training, leadership training, mentoring system

  • Support for self-development

    Work improvement education expenses

  • Others

    Overseas training programs, holiday gifts