The state when Er-2 is displayed

 <The state when Er-2 is displayed>



Description: If objects are placed between auto door(between auto sensor) for more than 3 minutes, the controller is set to display error code Er-2 for safety and stop operation. Please follow following procedure (Photo sensor is installed about knee high at both pillar of auto door, it has round button like shape)


1. Eliminate all the objects between photo sensor. After cutting power of the controller, check whether all the characters on the display disappear, then supply the power again. If the Er-2 disappears after power supplied, it means that the automatic door product operates normally.


2. If the photo lamp is On when the door is open after power is on, it means there is a problem with the photo sensor. Please follow the troubleshooting from our homepage menu, 'Customer Support' >> 'Usage and symptom specific countermeasure' >> 'PHOTO lamp is on and door is open'.



* If you have any problems during the above procedure, please call "1566-8219".