The state when PHOTO lamp is on and door is open
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  • Date 2017.09.04
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Description: The photosensor is a sensor that is installed about knee high from the both poles of the automatic door. It has a round button shape. (Light receiving part: located on the column close to the controller, light emitting part: located on the column opposite the controller). The photosensor might have problems for three reasons:


(1) In case of foreign substances on the surface of photo sensor.

(2) In case of a problem with the photo sensor itself.

(3) When the photosensor is distorted due to collision or vibration, the angle is not correct.

Please conduct the work according to following order.


1. First, wipe the foreign objects on the surface of the photosensor light emitting part and the light receiving part with a cloth. If the controller's photo lamp is off and the door comes down, it is the case of (1).


2. Carefully remove the photosensor with the fingernail and check whether the green light is on the body. If the green light is not on the body, it is the case of (2), so you should replace the photo sensor. If the green light comes on the body of the photo sensor, carefully insert the photo sensor into the hole again.


3. Next, carefully remove the photo sensor of light receiving part with your fingernail and adjust the angle so that it face at the light sensor of light emitting part. If a red light is on the body of the photosensor of light receiving part, the angle is correct, the photo lamp turns off and the door comes down. Keep the angle to carefully insert the photo sensor into the hole. At the position where photo sensor operates normally, apply the super glue to the outline of both photo sensor to fix it. When the problem is solved by this process, it applies to case (3). If the problem is resolved with this process, you should replace the photosensor.


* If you have any problems during the above procedure, please call "1566-8219".