The state when the LOOP lamp is on and the door is open
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<The state when the LOOP lamp is on and the door is open>



Description: The loop sensor consists of a loop line (wire) on the floor and a loop detector. The reasons why loop lamp is ON and the door doesn’t lift down vary, most of them are from following 3 reasons:


(1) When a metal object is placed on the loop line for a long time.


(2) When the detection level of the loop detector is set higher than need.


(3) When the floor is cracked or shaken, and the roof wire is damaged thereby,

Please conduct the work in the following order.


1. Eliminate all metal objects from the loop line on the floor. When the door lifts down, it means the problem is solved, which applies the case in (1). If the problem is not solved, proceed step 2.


2. Search light blue loop detector located inside controller box. (The part located on the top right of the controller, it has the size of the cigarette.) The Detect lamp will be on. Check the arrow direction of the black round switch located on the right side of the Detect lamp, and adjust the detection level by turning the arrow counterclockwise slightly.

(Normally, arrows are located at the direction of 3 ~ 7 o'clock.) When the lamp is off and door lifts down normally, it applies to case (2). If the problem is not solved, proceed to step.


3. If it is not solved by adjusting the detection level of loop, please visually check the line of floor where the loop line is embedded. Check whether there is a tear in the silicone, cracks around the loop line (cement crumbling, distance between the sidewalk blocks). Also, meticulously check whether the loop wire is exposed between the cracks. Even if it is not visible to the naked eye, but there is a case in which loop wire under silicon may be torn or broken. This might occur when the car is stepping on a piece of small stone or small piece of metal that is placed on top of the silicon. It often occurs by frequent access by forklifts or vehicles. If any of above cases applies, you should embed the loop line newly.


* If you have any problems during the above procedure, please call "1566-8219".